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The New Gen is dedicated to providing free creative and academic oppurtunities. Read about some of our past events and webinars!

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Our Launch Event

By: Zane Alhamwy


The New Gen recently held a launch event on June 20th which featured a number of entertaining games, guest speakers and prizes! Guest speakers included local organizations such as Unionville Medlife with additional performers. This hour-long event featured about 50 participants coming together to interact with this friendly community. People came together through a friendly competition of Kahoot. Prizes were distributed out to the top three players, which featured a 30% discount from Araliya Jewelry, a Starbucks gift card and an Indigo gift card.


At The New Gen, free classes are run to empower the youth, especially youth immigrants. This event highlighted the classes The New Gen has to offer with a deeper understanding of what this organization is about. Be sure to check out this organization through their various social media outlets!

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Cultural Design workshop ft: Larissa Leon

By: Dylan Windsor


In The New Gen's design workshop, featuring Larissa the winner of the Stuck At Prom competition, we discuss various topics concerning the design process and how it was involved in creating Larissa's duct tape dress. She explored how the Folklorico style used in Spanish and Indigenous designs inspired her work. Throughout the workshop Larissa answers many questions coming from both The New Gen team and the audience about her cultural inspiration, advice for young creatives and much more!

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the new gen Specialty STEM COURSES- Vancouver Island, BC

By: Meilun Yu


Over the summer of 2022, The New Gen collaborated with the Vancouver Island Multicultural Society to provide a specialized mathematics and coding mentorship course to the children there. This initiative helped to promote STEM amongst marginalized youth in Vancouver Island with our free classes, and aimed to knock down systemic barriers when it came to STEM education. 

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The New Gen

the northern youth art display 

By: Meilun Yu


In April 2023, The New Gen collaborated with 5 young artists from Yukon, The Northwest Territories, and Nunavut to ship their original artwork to be displayed in Valley Art gallery's historical Mckay House for a week. Over 20 pieces of art was showcased, with a focus on Inuit and Indigenous artwork. From paintings to beadwork to rubber engraved stamps, The New Gen was able to display a wide variety of media, and aimed to elevate the voices of underrepresented youth communities in the Canadian North. Our event was featured on OMNI News as well as the Markham Economist and Sun. 

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Immigrant youth Art COntest

By: Zane Alhamwy


The New Gen has just recently held an art competition for kids and teens! With over 60 submissions, it is safe to say that everyone put in a good effort and had fun in the process.


The contestants were competing for the grand prize of $50 to Curry’s Art Supplies.

On behalf of The New Gen, we would like to thank our judges for helping out with scoring each contestant. First of all, we would love to express our gratitude to Proffessor Ranee Lee. She is an industrial designer and professor at “Ontario College of Art and Design University” (OCAD) who took the liberty of being a judge. Next, we were very honored to have Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco, City Councillor of Vaughn, to work with us. Being first elected in 2003, Ms. Yeung holds the honor of serving the longest time as a politician in York Region. Furthermore we extend our gratitudes to Ms. Mirella Tersigni, the Creative and Cultural officer at City of Vaughan. Finally, we would love to thank Castle Arts art and learning centre Director Ms. Queenie Chu for volunteering her time to be a judge. Ms. Chu is a visual artist herself, experienced in painting, sketching, digital illustration, and more! 

Congratulations to everyone on their beautiful creations! Stay tuned on The New Gen for more competitions and free classes to register to!

The New Gen art contest winners


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the new gen X KPMG CANADA and ICON Talent Partners

By: Meilun Yu


In September 2023, The New Gen was invited by ICON Talent Partners and KPMG Canada to be a panelist speaker at their High School Exploration Summit. Our team shared their experience being young leaders in their community, and it was wonderful to be able to open up our opportunities to the students that attended the summit. Fiona Su represented The New Gen during the panelist presentations, and had an amazing interview.

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Screen Shot 2023-11-12 at 2.12.31 PM.png

the New Gen at the Global GameChangers Summit 

By: Meilun Yu

The Global Gamechangers Summit is a 48-hours continuous live event – which means we will have non-stop content going on for 2 whole days. It will feature over 50+ C-suite executives from top organizations around the world in entrepreneurship, finance, venture capital, media, entertainment, technology and so much more. Held from the 4th to 6th of November, the Summit has 6 tracks for participants to choose from, consisting of keynotes, networking sessions, and live panels and Q&A sessions.
Join 5,000+ of the world’s top student leaders and industry professions as we journey across the latest news and developments in top industries. Get a glimpse into where the future is heading with this summit of multi-disciplinary leaders.

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