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We believe that the future lies in the hands of young leaders around the world. Join us in our search for the next Supernova, and explore the abundance of youth potential. Stream our pilot episode now on Spotify and Apple Podcast!

Are you a newcomer student to Canada looking for academic enrichment? Do you want to learn more about STEM or the arts? We offer free virtual mentorship courses for a variety of subjects such as coding, middle school math, and visual arts for students in grade 1-8. Join our student expert tutors every week for interactive and fun classes!

Virtual Conference

Our Mentorship Program:

We have an expert team of high school volunteer instructors who are knowledgable to teach the subjects to elementary and middle school students. They will assign homework and extra enrichment assignments besides the classes to also encourage at-home individual learning. If you wish to join our team of instructors, please sign up here. 

Team Meeting

Meet our tutors:

From art galleries and guest speakers to hackathons, see what we have been up to since 2021! 3 years of activism, local partnership and creative initiatives has helped to uplift over 2k youth across Canada. See how our past initiatives have impacted the lives of immigrant, refugee, Indigenous and Inuit youth. Don't forget to check our updates and announcements for recent events!


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