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Meet our exec team


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Fiona SU

Chair of Communication

Learning is something that opens a door to many different possibilities; it provides community, knowledge, creativity, [ . . . ]


rhea parmar

Chair of Technology + Website Design


Audrey Wu

Logistics Officer

Hi! My name is Audrey Wu, I am a 16 year old student at Markville Secondary School. I enjoy swimming, playing tennis, photography, [ . . . ]


Ellie Chan

Communications Officer 

Ellie Chan is currently a student at Markville Secondary School. As a certified extrovert, Ellie is an outgoing person who loves to [ . . . ]

STeffi wang

Chair of Design

Hi there, I’m Steffi Wang (she/her)! I’m currently a high school student studying visual arts, a passion that I channel into [ . . . ]


Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Hello! I’m Kate, and I am a high school student from Markville Secondary School. I am currently an executive of The New Gen [ . . . ]

Kate Tang

Hetav Patel

Outreach Officer

Hetav Patel is currently enrolled in grade 11 and part of the IB program at Turner Fenton Secondary School. He is extremely excited about the opportunity to connect with different people through his executive role. Hetav constantly looks to leave a positive impact through all the work he does. In his free time you will find him learning cardistry, sharpening his math skills or playing volleyball with his friends. He is extremely enthusiastic to pursue his role as an Outreach Officer for The New Gen. He hopes to meet many wonderful people and make lifelong connections while doing so. He understands the importance of his work and is passionate to help the organization grow.

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