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 Artists featured are Indigenous and Inuit youth from northern communities who express their culture and lived experience through art

The New Gen
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Jukipa Kotierk

Jukipa Kotierk is an self identified ghost artist. They've been turned off from creating art as a result of being fed a constricted and limited narrative from an unpleasant experience with their high school art class, stifling the direction of their creation. Only recently has Jukipa been allowing themselves to return to art for joy, and pure expression.

'Yurak' is a multidisciplinary artist based out of Iqaluit, more commonly known as the creative Siku Rojas. Siku is a non-binary Inuk and Kiwchan youth with family ties to Iglulik. 

Siku Rojas 

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Nadja Smith


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Nadja Smith-Hanson is an emerging weaver, outdoor educator, and ardent forager. Over the past five years she has found weaving to be a method in reconnecting with family, cultural heritage, and the traditional territories she has lived- Haida territory and Ta'an Kwäch'än Council & Kwanlin Dün First Nation extensively.

Raised in Tobermory Ontario, Kody has been living in Yellowknife NWT since 2020. He started seriously pursuing a career in art in May of 2021. Art has always been his passion. His work is an attempt to understand and express an identity; most often through an exploration of the surreal, the mythic, and the unconscious.

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Kody Ferron

meet the artists

Lara Bode

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Lara Bode is a born and raised Yukoner, currently residing part time in Vancouver, where she is pursuing an education at Emily  Carr University of Art and Design. Lara is currently wrapping up her foundation year and is looking to focus her studies in  Animation or Illustration. 

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