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Meet our exec team

Hello! I’m Kate, and I am a high school student from Markville Secondary School. I am currently an executive of The New Gen. Some of my hobbies include ballet, singing, and cooking. Although many like to contradict, my favourite subject is math! Although this is my first year working with the team, I am already anticipating what we will create to make a difference! I am thrilled to be part of The New Gen, and I hope to create true dream work, together with the group!

Logistics Officer

Kate Tang


Learning is something that opens a door to many different possibilities; it provides community, knowledge, creativity, freedom, and more. Although I am not an immigrant myself, my parents are immigrants and I have witnessed first hand the struggles and obstacles they have to face when living in a whole other country. On the other hand, I grew up with the privilege to have access to as many art, piano, language, and math classes as I wanted because of them. Through this, I was able to recognize the importance of learning and exploring different things as well as how enriching the experience really is. Furthermore, it made me realize that many people are not as privileged as I am. This is why I joined The New Gen as I want to provide unprivileged communities the same experiences I was lucky enough to learn.

Chair of Communication

Fiona su

image_6487327 (1).JPG

Ellie Chan is currently a student at Markville Secondary School. As a certified extrovert, Ellie is an outgoing person who loves to meet new people, and she’s always open to hearing about other people’s thoughts. Ellie has always been passionate about youth involvement in her community. She’s taken on many volunteer positions, whether it’s working at a night market or taking on an External Affairs position. In her free time, you can probably find Ellie baking, binging Netflix, or trying out calligraphy. She also loves to dance and play piano. Ellie is really excited to be a Communications Officer for The New Gen. She’s looking forward to helping the organization grow. If you have any questions or would simply like to chat, feel free to message Ellie (@elliechan_25) on Instagram!

Communications Officer

Ellie chan


Hi! My name is Audrey Wu, I am a 16 year old student at Markville Secondary School. I enjoy swimming, playing tennis, photography, and hanging out with my friends and my dog during my spare time. I am a Chinese-Canadian born in Toronto; I moved back to China at the age of 3, then moved back to Canada again when I was 9. My life has been greatly impacted by having lived in two very different nations, and I am grateful for the lessons these two diverse cultures have taught me. My personal experience with immigration has shown me the importance of guidance and empowerment for immigrant families and youth seeking to establish a sense of community. I am passionate, devoted, and hard-working, and I am very excited to be part of the logistics team at The New Gen to work towards our mission! 

Logistics Officer

Audrey Wu

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